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Neon Lights

Date Night 

Infinite Loop VR can offer you a fun, unique night out with your significant other. An Omaha blog has named us as a top date night spot, In 2023 we won Best Date Night on Omaha Choice Awards. Below are some ideas on how to make the best of your date night at Infinite Loop. 


There is not a specific date night package, any of our experiences will make a great date night, just book 2 spots or bring another couple and make it a double date.

Multiplayer on Our VR Stations

The best way to experience VR is playing together in a game. Book a couple of standard stations and work together in one of our many co-op games. Our VR setups have built in microphones and headphones, so you will be able to see and hear each other in the game. Below is our top 3 date night multiplayer games listed easiest to most difficult. 


Work together in this tower defense game to fight off hordes of ogres, giants and fire-breathing dragons. Pick from 4 different maps and jump to different towers to test your archery skills. Don't forget you have magic arrows for the big guys!


If you are a couple that enjoys board games, then Loco Dojo is right up your alley. Spin the wheel and jump into the board where you will compete against each other in 16 different mini games 


Fans of The Walking Dead? Arizona Sunshine will put both of you together in the middle of the zombie apocalypse where you must work together to fight off hordes of undead as you wander the Arizona desert looking for other survivors.

Elven Assassin Multiplayer Archery Date Night Game
Loco Dojo Compete in fun mini games on your date night
Arizona Sunshine is a top date night zombie shooter



Our four racing simulators are incredibly immersive. Next Gen headsets with huge field of vision and 5k panels, wind effects and 4 bass shakers that react to your virtual environment will make you feel like you are really in the drivers seat. Choose a car track and difficulty, jump into a multiplayer race with your date.

Infinite Loop Arena

Our Arena is the most immersive way to experience virtual reality. Up to 6 players will wear state of the art headsets and share a large 20X30 ft area. All players will share a common space in both realities, don't worry about running into each other. You will physically walk around the game working together to overcome hordes of zombies.

Escape Experiences

Choose from 5 incredible escape experiences. Pyramid and Medusa require 2 or 4 players. Prince of Persia and Huxley can accommodate 2, 3 or 4 players. Notre Dame is 2 players only. You and your partner(s) will experience a larger than life adventure where you must communicate to solve problems and advance. 

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